Hacks to Gain Legit Instagram Followers For Free



  1. Follow followers of high authority accounts in your niche. Unfollow people that didn’t follow you back after 3 days.
  2. Make sure your posts include good keywords. Use Leetags for that.
  3. Post consistently by using services like Hootsuite to automate the process.
  4. Tag locations in your posts.
  5. Use engagement groups to boost your account at super speed.
  6. Do a collaborative loop giveaway with brands or similar niche accounts.
  7. Be first to comment on accounts with million+ subscribers



Instagram is one of the most popular social networks out there. It is surprisingly simple yet effective – you just post pictures or videos about whatever you’d like and other people can see and comment on them. Besides that, it is the easiest network to gain real followers, likes and comments. You can get an extra 10K followers on your Instagram account much easier and faster than you would get on Twitter, Facebook or any other top social network.

On the other ✋

On the other hand, you might have an Instagram account with great content, few followers, no comments and little activity. If that’s the case, you probably haven’t used any of the methods mentioned in this post that could increase activity on your account and get your content to more legit Instagram followers.

You might have looked over and searched for various ways how to turn Instagram algorithms to your favor but stumbled upon the same old stuff that either no longer works or you are already doing it, but results doesn’t please you.


7 Hacks to Gain Legit Instagram Followers For Free

I have spent countless hours, made in-depth research and tests to present you the best Instagram hacks to grow your account for FREE!
This include easy and safe ways that you might have missed and can easily start using right now or more difficult ways that might need more time and preparation or can even get you banned if you use it unproperly but can bring you a lot more consistent followers.

Without further ado, here are the 7 Hacks to Gain Instagram Followers



#1 The Good Old Follow / Unfollow Method With Modern Twists

This is one of the oldest Instagram tricks you can use  to gain followers. The logic behind is simple – you start following various accounts and some of them will follow you back.

Seems pretty easy and it is, but here’s what’s wrong with this:

  • You will start following a lot of random people and only get little followers back and it will look desperate on your profile to say the least.
    instagram desperate
  • You will spend a lot of time following and unfollowing everyone.
  • Some people that follow you back might not be your ideal targeted follower.

And here is how we will solve this:

  • Instead of following everyone, find accounts with authority in your niche (high number of followers low number of following usually the case) and follow accounts that are following that account. This way you will only be getting followers from people that like similar content to yours.
  • As mentioned before, you will increase  your following number but most of those people won’t follow you back and won’t even check your profile. So it is best that you unfollow them. Don’t do this manually, there are plenty apps in the app store that will do this automatically for you (e.g. Unfollowers).
  • Make sure you unfollow all accounts (or only those that are not following you back) after at least 24h. At that time, if they didn’t follow you back, they probably won’t.



#2 Make Sure You Use Hashtags Wisely

You probably already know that you can include hashtags while adding your content to Instagram, but did you know that every single hashtag you use may be the key reason for getting hundreds of likes vs no likes. Even so, you can gain a lot of followers just by reaching the right people that follow certain hashtags.

In order to get max results from this hack, you need to research not only what are the best hashtags for the content that you are posting but also the most popular ones, then fill up 30 best hashtags that you could find from your research and you have your post ready to go!

This sounds complicated and IS complicated if you do it manually. Instead, what we are going to do is automate this process!

7 Hacks to Gain Legit Instagram Followers For Free

Well not like that…

To automate the process we can use another life saving app. At the time of writing this post, my pick for the best app is Leetags. All you need to do is enter a keyword that is related to your post and you will be presented with the most popular hashtags that are related to that.
Better yet, if you are not sure what keywords to use at all, you can just take a look at top hashtags in various categories or overall.


#3 Posting Consistently is Easy

7 Hacks to Gain Legit Instagram Followers For Free

Posting consistently means people will see your content more often and you will decrease the amount of people that may unfollow you. Most of all, there won’t be any signs of your account being dead of inactivity. It may be hard to keep adding quality content more often then not, especially if you got some great pictures that you want to share but don’t have enough time to post those pictures regularly, therefore, you should always seek for automation in everything that takes too much time or is hard to do.

For that, you should try scheduling your posts. This way, you won’t need to post all the good stuff at the same time and won’t forget to do this later.
There are 2 ways for you to schedule your posts:

  1. Latest Instagram update allows users to schedule their pictures and have them automatically published at specific time. Unfortunately, this is currently supported only for business accounts and will be available to everyone else sometime in 2019.
  2. Schedule your post via third party service and receive a push notifications at specific times to post your content to Instagram.

Eather way, I suggest you try Hootsuite as it supports both options and you should definitely combine this with hack #2

Update 2018, May 3: You can now also use Later to automatically schedule and post to your Instagram!


#4 Tag Locations in Stories

Instagram Geo Tags

This hack depends more on your niche but in cases where location does make sense, you should definitely include it. This will give you a chance to be included in stories of some large cities.


#5 Join Engagement Groups

7 Hacks to Gain Legit Instagram Followers For Free

This hack is the one that Instagram hates the most because you can easily manipulate the algorithm and get a lot of traffic with this.

When you post a picture or a video it is very important for people to like it and comment on it. After your post is commented and liked it gets more chances to get to the top of the explore feed. For best results, you should make a post and then have as many people commenting it and liking as you can.

This could be really hard especially if you don’t have a lot of active followers, and that’s where Engagement Groups kicks in.

These groups are created specifically to get comments and likes on your post whenever you publish it. How it works is usually you comment and like X posts of others and then share a link to your post to get comments and likes for yourself.

Currently, the most safest and most popular place to find these groups are on Telegram.

Here is a list of handpicked most popular engagement groups for you to join:


#6 Instagram Loop Giveaways

This is a tricky but fast way to get tons of followers. The way this method works is you collaborate with few other Instagram users (or use your other accounts for this if you have) and you create a contest for users, for example, user follows your account, likes 10 recent posts, tags a friend and follows 10 other accounts (that you’re collaborating with) for a chance to win a prize.
Whenever user goes to those other accounts that he has to follow, he will find the same contest that he can enter on behalf of that account to win yet another prize.

Instagram Growth Hack

This is great if you are collaborating with some brands or similar niche accounts.


#7 Take Advantage of Huge Accounts

This method is really effective on the other hand, can get you reported if you overuse it.
In order for this hack to work, you need to follow huge accounts (by huge, I mean millions of followers, the more, the better!) and make sure you turn on notifications to know whenever they post something new on Instagram:

  • To allow notifications on iOS: Go to “Settings,” > “Notifications.” > “Instagram” and turn on “Allow Notifications.”
  • To allow notifications on Android: Go to “Settings,” > “Apps,” > “Instagram.” Select the option to show notifications.

Then finally

Visit a user’s profile on Instagram that you want to get notifications about, click the three dots button top-right-hand corner and choose “Turn on Post Notifications” from the menu that appears.

You are set to go!

Now you have to be very quick. Whenever these huge accounts make a new post, you need to quickly go to their page and make a comment. Your comment should encourage people to follow you and include that you “never do shoutouts” people usually hate those huge accounts doing shoutouts (basically advertising products or other accounts) and will more likely be interested to follow you.

Your comments may look something like this:

  • I never post shout outs Help me reach my goal of 5000 Ill do a giveaway at 5000 😥😥😥
  • Hey guys I’m trying to achieve 5000 f0llows, come check me out I never post shoutouts
  • Trying to achieve my goal of 5000 FOLLOWERS please help me grow a little! ❤ Don’t post shoutouts!!
  • Guys, help me grow my page to 5000 and I’ll do a giveaway! I never post shoutouts!
  • Hi there! Help me grow my page to 5000 I never post shoutouts! 😥😥😥
  • Hey, I post cool stuff too, check me out? 😋

When you post a comment, especially when you’re the first one to do that, your comment will stay on top forever and everybody that goes to check the post will see your comment. You can get from little as few to 200+ followers per day depending on how huge are the accounts and how often do you post.

Now you may think that this method is not very cool and you would be right, most of the people don’t like to see comments like that, but the truth is that most people will still go and take a look at your account and follow if they like to.

You can also automate this process and use some tools that would automatically scan for new posts and make a comment whenever new post is made, this will get you better results but you will face the risk of being getting banned by breaking Instagram limits or over commenting those accounts that will get you reported.

Instagram Growth Hack

Results using only this method

Anyway, the results are quite nice even though this method requires a little bit of effort.


Let me know in the comments about what else you would like me to write about and you might be responsible for what next post you will see in the future.

7 Hacks to Gain Legit Instagram Followers For Free



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