How to Get a Website Domain for Best Price Possible



  1. Sign up as a publisher to most popular affiliate networking websites to see all of the available offers for most domain registrars. I suggest
  2. Don’t expect high quality hosting or additional services (like whois protection). If it’s cheap – it’s cheap.
  3. If you’re planning a big project, always choose hosting / server by your needs and not by the offer you can get.


Website domains are key part of any successful business. In fact, if you don’t have a domain for your website, you don’t have an online presence for your business. To get a website domain, you can choose from one of million service providers that offer domain registration. The only difference between all of them is that some have a better user experience for managing your domain and some have better offers.

In this post, I will not going to promote any company or domain registrar, what I’m going to do instead is cover quick and easy method that you could use any time to get a website domain for the best price possible.


Reasons to Get a Website Domain

First things first, in order to get yourself a website domain, you have to realize what will be the purpose of that domain. To do that, answer these simple questions:

  • Will I need hosting alongside website domain?
  • Do I care about Whois Protection? (most registrars will cover this by default)

To better understand this, you might need a website domain for your a landing page website that you will host on your server that you already have or maybe a website domain for your first personal website and you don’t know where to host it.


What you must know…

Here is one important thing to understand, all of the websites and companies that offer you cheap domains, hosting or domain + hosting packages do so only to get you in.

You will not get the best they have to offer. You will get good offers only if you choose basic options and meet specific criteria. After the offer period is over you will have to pay the full price or in rare cases even more then average price to continue using their services.

Having that in mind, you should understand that offers including hosting + domain for incredible prices will mean that you most likely get a domain without whois protection and the most cheapest hosting server with outdated hardware inside.

It might be OK to handle your landing page, a small website, but if you’re planning to build your next big thing I suggest you choose your domain registrar and hosting / server provider by your actual needs and not by the offer.

Now that you know what are you getting into, lets look at some ways to actually get offers for domain + hosting for a great price.


For example, here are my 2 attempts to get best deal from the same provider – GoDaddy:

1. Using official promos and hot offers

I went to their official Hot Deals section that supposed to have the best offers for me.

Web Hosting

$2.99/mo and free domain if I get an annual plan. Looks promising!

Web Hosting Packages

After clicking on this offer, I got to another page. Looks less promising as I can only get Economy package for $2.99/mo. Still not so bad!

Real hosting

Ow… Well… It appears I will get $2.99/mo offer if I pay for 36 months upfront. 🙄
Wouldn’t want to be stuck with economy package for 3 years… 😯

All in all, I could get a website domain, without whois protection (of course), with hosting for $53.88 (12 months)… Honestly this doesn’t sounds like economy package to me at all. You know why? BECAUSE IT ISN’T!

Let’s have a look at our second attempt and see if we could get that same package for a better price.


2. Using Secret Promos

Go ahead and click on this link.

Wait a second! (That one aware reader who reads every word of this blog post might say) Isn’t this the same economy package for the same provider but just for $1/mo and free domain for the first year?


We used the secret offer page where we could buy the same economy package and get a website domain free all for 12$! That’s $53.88 vs 12$ for exactly the same thing!



What’s the big secret?

Clearly, from the example above we can see that sometimes there can be hidden offer pages, hidden coupon codes that you could use to get the best possible offers.

The best and easiest way to find these offers is to join some affiliate network sites. The logic is simple. These companies share all of their offers and deals in these websites because it helps marketers to advertise their company and get leads.

You don’t need to actually get involved in affiliate marketing. You can easily view what ads and offers each company has to offer by just signing up as an publisher. So basically, it’s a quick way to find good offers that you wouldn’t normally find elsewhere so quickly.

By the time of writing this post, the best affiliate network for this reason that I can recommend is

What you need to do is sign up as a punlisher, then go to the “advertisers” page, select the company and click the little “Get Links” icon.

Get offers

After that, you will be able to view all the offers available:

hosting offers

You will get links to every offer page, you can even know how long each offer will be available. Just choose whatever you like by clicking on the link and you will access the secret promo page.


3. Using

Another good method that isn’t related to the previous method to find good offers and is worth to be mentioned – This project has all of the major domain registrars in one place so you can filter out and see what the market has to offer.


To Sum things up…

Remember, domains are the same everywhere, it doesn’t matter where you get it from, you can use them equally despite the registrar. What matters are additional services (like whois protection, better DNS management etc.).

Hosting, on the other hand, is a different story. Don’t expect to get a great server that would handle everything if you basically get it for free, it doesn’t mean it will be unusable, but you shouldn’t get your expectations too high. You also shouldn’t get your opinion about a company based on their cheap hosting that you used from hidden promo pages. Most likely, you will get much better hosting or server from the same company if you buy it straight without any offer.

Hope this helps you all to quickly find those good offers you are looking for!

If you like this post, have questions or suggestions for future posts, please leave a comment below!

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